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Throughout the world at the moment, many feel like they are losing their mind as everything gets turned upside down. Intense chaos, confusion and conflict is normal when there is a SHIFT from one era to another … as is the case now with the collapse of a dysfunctional patriarchy into another phase of Peace, Love and Light [a Happy Dream].

The mind [the false self] is the seat of all discord as it fosters the core belief in separation and the illusion of an individual identity most call ‘me’ that this belief manifests. When the mind becomes unstable due to a ‘spike’ in the roller coaster ride between happiness and sorrow that defines its dream existence … there is a ‘chink-in-the-armor’ of Its fantasy that ‘control’ of its dream-experience is possible.

This ‘wobble’ in its so-called ‘normal’ existence offers an opportunity – an ‘opening’ for the Light of Truth, which is the True SELF ‘all’ are. These more dramatic periods, such as all are currently experiencing, represent an enormous blessing for this ‘involuntary’ surrender to take place.

Welcome it as you ‘plod’ through the balance of the ‘end time’ of another great SHIFT into a Happy Dream. This effect is like the conscious ‘YES’ to What Is that diffuses the stress and resulting suffering all resistance causes.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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