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Losing yourself in something like a glorious sunset, a beautiful flower or an exquisite piece of music literally means to ‘die’ to the false self in that moment. This experience is Being the SELF, which emerges ‘out of’ rather than ‘into’ IT SELF … as the obstruction called a ‘person’ disappears. What is always ‘there’ is being recognized temporarily as the SELF You Are. In the ‘unbroken version’ of this you are in a constant state of Awareness of Who You Really Are -[this is Self Realization]. Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route to this state of Awareness because the false self is completely dissolved. This is what has been termed: “dying before you die”.

Self indulgence is the opposite when the false self is given ‘expanded attention’ as it throws itself ‘into’ whatever activity … this is why one is said to ‘feel full of themselves’ or are ‘puffed up’ … also known as arrogance. The loss of this false self is therefore the greatest blessing there is.

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