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It is not the written, spoken or ‘thought’ words that serve to ‘lift’ humanity but the LOVE that is ‘in’ them and ‘behind’ them … IF it is present at all. The mind loves to ‘appear’ loving through high sounding, educated and intellectual oratory but without genuine Love as the guiding force, any ‘effect’ wears off very quickly.

This is how ‘surrender’ allows Grace to do the the heavy lifting in any circumstance.

Love is ALL THERE IS, another name for the ONE SELF and IT is that which ‘shapes’ experience in a balanced way to the extent it is NOT interfered with by thoughts and the conditioning that always ‘taints’ thought.

When the illusion called ‘me’ is out-of-the-way – Love flows uninterrupted and requires no special skills, education or abilities. The simplicity, innocence and humbleness of OPEN-ness allows Love to take the reigns IT is meant to hold.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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Leah Soderblom
Leah Soderblom
Mar 28, 2023

Thank you…♥️🙏🏻

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