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The ancient scriptures were intentionally obscure, detailed and completely laden … layer upon layer with metaphors and symbolism. This hid the enormous power to shape the Grand Dream to one’s will … a ‘dream will’ that had been tainted by the belief in separation. That era has ended, and simplicity has replaced it making available the Truth which manifests ‘instantly’ what is desired. Nevertheless, mind must be subjugated to its role as ‘servant’ to the Heart [Consciousness] in the full Awareness of ONE-ness and few as yet have transformed the stain of separation allowing this miraculous yet natural facility to awaken.

As the remnants of conditioning fall away it will be seen how easy it is to influence physical manifestations and circumstances. However, when one is ‘Realized’ there ‘is’ no abuse of this totally ‘normal’ ability as all activity is always guided by the Now Awakened SELF [God You Are] Who sees the Grand Dream as an emanation of IT SELF [an illusion, yet still ‘of’ the SELF] and … that ‘always’ radiates Love In Action.

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