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It is common in most spiritual circles to hear: “Love it all”. However, the mind that ‘projects’ the universe of opposites on the screen of Consciousness, based on its belief in separation, is NOT capable of “Loving it all”. By believing that ONE is ‘not’ ONE – but many, it has manifested ‘division’ [judgment], which eliminates any possibility of “Loving it all”. Genuinely “Loving it all” requires an ‘unconditional’ acceptance of ‘All That Is’ and the mind is the very ‘essence’ of ‘conditioning’.

This Love of all means Loving the ONE SELF, ‘in which’ the Grand Dream that the mind is experiencing … is playing out. It is only possible for the ONE SELF to genuinely Love unconditionally and what IT is Loving is always IT SELF – ‘behind’ the infinite appearances IT occupies – NOT the appearances which swing wildly like a pendulum from dark to light. The LOVE is ‘of’ the ONE ‘by’ the ONE … and this is effortless … without thought.

It is the slumbering God-SELF [the counterpart of the ONE SELF – appearing as many yet still ONE] that is so-called ‘doing’ this Loving – not the false self or mind. Focusing on the ONE SELF as your only Reality brings about this Awareness and genuine “Love of all”.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

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