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The world/universe is the temporary and constantly changing ‘body’ of the SELF … the ONE Consciousness that You Really Are. While YOU – the SELF still slumber in the disguise of a body-mind-identity called ‘me’ this Reality is hidden from your Awareness and you ‘exist’ on a roller coaster of happiness and sorrow. In the Awakened state of BEING-ness the often-excruciating swing of contrasts in this dream experience no longer molest YOU. YOU are ‘Aware’ of what is playing out on the grand stage of dreams but are not ‘pulled’ this way and that knowing that what is witnessed is an illusion.

‘Loving Everything’ then is normal because YOU ‘know’ that YOU are Loving YOUR SELF. To Love YOUR SELF is to be Aware that YOU Are Love IT SELF and that in whatever way the ‘play’ of the dream unfolds in no way diminishes the Perfection YOU Are. Real Love knows nothing of ‘conditions’. There are no ‘should be’s’ that proclaim this is right or that is wrong. The illusion of opposites due to the belief in separation does not exist. You do not condemn the actor playing a villain in a movie and in the same way no judgment exists regarding the dream YOU are IN … but not OF.

You cannot ‘think’ yourself into this LOVE because the mind is produced ‘out of’ conditioning. YOU can however ‘surrender’ totally ‘to’ the SELF and allow IT to inform IT SELF [the sleeping YOU] the precise HOW of every moment. ‘Loving Everything’ will unfold naturally through this surrender.

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