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Magic is simply ‘thought’ manifested … and everyone sees this unfolding many times a day in their own unique dream-world they call reality. Because so many things are accepted as ‘normal’ there is rarely anything sufficiently ‘phenomenal’ to be called ‘magical’. The term ‘magic’ in the sense of being ‘extraordinary’ or even ‘unbelievable’ … is very rare.

The world is an illusion and as such ‘anything’ really IS possible through ‘focused thought’ … accompanied by ‘passion’ and ‘belief’. It is one’s personal conditioning that determines how ‘magical’ their life experience can be and it is the pursuit of the ‘phenomenal’ that keeps one on that hamster wheel going nowhere. The phenomenal is therefore an enticing ‘trap’ that distracts one from the REAL. However, for most, this pursuit must be played out until they are ‘satiated’ by the extreme highs and lows of happiness and sorrow it brings about - then, magic is discarded and Truth is pursued.

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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