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Whether one is part of a spiritual community or just has a well-meaning focus, making the world a better place is a ‘natural’ inclination. Indeed, the world/solar system has SHIFTed into an era of Peace and Light and ‘WILL’ soon begin to exhibit many signs of this ‘better’ world.

Nevertheless, the belief in separation that defines, underpins and is responsible for the manifestation of the entire universe, will still ‘color’ the world that each one experiences when the playing field of food, clothing, shelter, financial security and health care is ‘leveled’ … as it ‘WILL’ be.

If you are painting a picture you bring to the canvas the material and expertise you possess and can only render an image based on those tools. Likewise, ‘if’ the primary conditioning [the belief in separation] is still present when this emerging Happy Dream comes fully into being, the expected Joy one would expect ‘in’ that dream will also still be missing.

For the JOY that YOU Really Are [another name for the ONE SELF] to be present, the conditioning that ‘makes-up’ the illusion of a separated individual identity [false self] MUST be dissolved. The ‘inner work’ STILL must be done for Real Freedom to exist and the world to be experienced as it REALLY ‘is’.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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