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Persistent ‘attention’ on anything EXPANDS it into your experience. This is how the ‘plasticity’ of the grand dream shifts, morphs and changes. It does not make the un-real somehow real … its simply the so-called formula for manifesting and when combined with belief in the intension and a burning desire or passion, can make things ‘appear’ in the dream like magic. Persistent attention is sometimes called an affirmation or a mantra … prayer bead repetitions fall under this theme. While the spiritual attention of a mantra ‘will’ keep one focused on a religious or spiritual objective, it is common to see the ‘practice’ sink into mere rote … a kind of habitual replication that has lost any depth.

When one has chosen Freedom NO MATTER WHAT, the SELF recognizes the sincerity in this choice and hurries to assist. This is the meaning of the parable about the father rushing to greet the prodigal son. Open-ness is the most powerful catalyst for Truth to ‘come upon’ your sleeping Awareness. When this occurs the use of mantras is no longer as effective as the spontaneous ‘Voice of Silence’, which Now speaks the precise words that draws life-force into the moment. It may seem like a broken record playing over and over again but it ‘is’ the SELF as Grace [Love in Action] speaking to the slumbering God-SELF now accessible through Open-ness.

I hear “I AM THAT I AM” and “Thy Will Be Done” hundreds of times a day without conscious effort or thought of any kind. This is another example of the profound simplicity that is available to you Now to remember Who You Really Are.

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