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Over time [clock time] the mind [false self] has ‘invented’ concepts it deems are responsible for all manner of behaviours and circumstances and refers to them as ‘gods’ … [the god of this or that]. It then goes on to ‘idolize’ them and prays to these idols in the hope of somehow ‘expanding or diluting’ their influence depending on whether they are so-called good or bad.

In this way the mind further separates itself from the ONE SELF and hands accountability for circumstances onto these ‘made-up influences. When ‘thought’ is given through prayer [which is usually begging or bargaining] to have experiences change in beneficial ways, the mind is employing its ability to manifest in the world-dream [usually unknowingly]. That ability is responsible for everything that shows up IN the dream and consists of an INTENTION that is given ATTENTION with PASSION. The extent of the energy given to this determines the outcome.

What manifests then ‘seems’ to validate the existence of these ‘gods’ and yet all that has occurred is the expansion of more dreams within the Grand Dream that ‘is’ the Universe and all that ‘appears’ within it. YOU Are the ‘only’ Reality … the ONE SELF. All that comes and goes is an illusion within YOU.

-image by Solveig Larsen

From MAGICIAN to MASTER: The Creator’s Formula - Making Your Dreams Come True

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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