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MASS AWAKENING #1 -in Amazon

THANK YOU Social Media friends ...

for making MASS AWAKENING #1 in AMAZON'S 45-Minute-Self Help-Short Read Category. [eBook or Soft Cover] ---------------------------------------------------------------------

There is a break-through of Awareness occurring throughout all of humanity as what most have believed was how the world works dissolves through a series of pre-planned events designed to manifest a One World Order.

The extreme fear, anxiety, stress and suffering being caused by a fake pandemic and the Deep State perpetrators behind it, are ‘without their intention’ bringing about a Mass Awakening that has never been known on this planet before.

For some ... this Awakening will ultimately lead to total Freedom - remembering Who They Really Are - the SELF.


Amazon Customer - 5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely a 'must read' If you feel lost or confused about what is really going on, if you feel you have a higher purpose, if you are just looking for a great book, this book [MASS AWAKENING] is absolutely amazing. I loved reading it. Easy to read and understand. I highly recommend all John's book and this one is just perfect to understand about What Really Is Going On. ................... I’ve been reading spiritual books for decades. I’ve read most of the best authors, but none has been as clear as John’s books. - Rod Spain

John writes from his Heart with such incredible inspirational power. - Wendy Embleton Huber

There is such clarity and simplicity in John's ability to communicate the Truth. Christine Van Hoose

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