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Conquering the world is mastery of the illusion it is. This is the “tempest in a teapot” one has discovered for what it really is … ‘nothing’.

This ‘conquering’ is NOT some magical ability to manipulate circumstances to your will … that is more dreaming within the Grand Dream the world/universe is. Mastery of the world is the Conscious Awareness that it does NOT exist as a reality and that anything that occurs within it cannot in any way effect Who You Really Are. This is what Jesus meant when he said: “Behold, I have overcome the world”.

Mastery is the full Awareness [not merely a belief] that YOU Are Awareness IT SELF [God – ONE – I AM], which ‘is’ Mastery ‘of’ ALL illusions. This is why the only Purpose while you linger at all in the dream of the world, believing it has any reality … is to be FREE ‘of’ this belief, which means Freedom from ALL beliefs since YOU ‘as’ the God You Really Are ‘always’ KNOW and never experience doubt of any kind.

This is not an infinite library of information but an absolute ‘Emptiness’ that ‘Knows’ whatever needs to be known in the moment of that need. To the mind [the false self] this is a ludicrous … but to Truth [YOU] – totally normal.

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