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John McIntosh

When something that is NOT True is ready to be revealed, the world-mirror highlights and reflects that illusion more prominently. In recent years there has been a growing global interest in vampire stories and movies. This is a metaphor for the grasping ‘me first’ aspect of the false self that lives ‘off’ others* … in other words - ‘takes’. This originates with a deep belief in separation and the scarcity of one’s needs that emanates from that belief. It is a very deep fear state and is full of anger and rage, often submerged in a passive behaviour that seeks to control in every experience.

The vast majority of humanity has very little awareness of the deep surrendered dive required to recall the Freedom They Really Are and, as a result, nudging the deep sleeping God-SELF is accomplished through a myriad of subtle yet profound ways such as the world-mirror offers.

This is the moment the world is experiencing now, which brings with it great fear for many, leading to the inevitable feelings of a total loss of control that these slumbering ‘giants’ eventually experience. Such is the benevolent Grace of the SELF toward IT SELF as IT reluctantly awakens from ITs ancient slumber.

*there ‘are’ no others

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