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Updated: Jul 7, 2020


The mind ‘is’ the false-self-identity manifested out of one’s unique conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination]. The SELF is empty-nothing and yet All That Is.

The mind is constantly questioning, debating, expressing opinions that are always changing while it pontificates. The SELF never asks questions of IT SELF, IT simply ‘knows’ in the moment.

The mind in its proper place is an operating system, a servant to the SELF in the Grand Dream. For most it dominates pretending to be you. The SELF is ONE, indivisible having no opposite such as male and female.

The mind is fragmented, existing in constant fear, anxiety and trepidation, at best seeing obscurely through a multitude of shattered mirrors. The SELF ‘is’ Beauty IT SELF. IT is UN-conditioned Love and Peace radiating IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF infinitely.

YOU ‘are’ the SELF, hiding ‘as’ the false-limited-self from illusory phantoms, barely existing … even in the most opulent circumstances. The tiny prison of mortality [person-hood] eventually suffocates any desire for the foraged crumbs it has settled for guaranteeing the eventual turn within toward Truth.

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