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The mind is a made-up construct … another name for the false self, which in turn is made-up of conditioning. Conditioning is another name for karma but without the many meanings attributed to that word. Conditioning from this life and many others is made up of attachments, expectations and identifications in association with memory and imagination … this, most call – ‘me’. Most believe this made-up fantasy called mind is required to operate the body including communication, but in a dream nothing works in any particular way … its only an agreement that things seem to be one way or the other. One look at the constant shift in beliefs illustrates this.

The universe-world-body-mind-identity is a projection on the blank screen of consciousness playing out uniquely for each [so-called] individual false self … its all made-up. If the SELF chooses to remain in a particular [projected] body when it returns to the full Awareness of Who IT Really Is, what seems to flow through IT is Pure Consciousness, in the moment, without conditioning or history. The mouth, vocal cords and hands [and other body language] of the dream body will still be used to communicate, but there ‘is’ no mind and no thought in the sense of a constant parade of ideas, concepts, opinions, historical knowledge or conditioning of any kind … everything arises in the moment out of the nothing-ness that ‘is’ the SELF. However, ITs most potent form of communication is Silence.

To so-called ‘other’ false selves [there really are none] it will ‘appear’ as if this one is perhaps ‘wise’, but still an individual person. Nevertheless, there ‘is’ only the SELF, Aware of IT SELF, using the dream body to communicate with those aspects of IT SELF that still sleep. There are no rules or laws as the mind believes, these too are made-up concepts to give the grand dream a sense of continuity, consistency, reliability, safety … and reality.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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