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The mind [false-self-identity] never comes through a door you are expecting once you have discovered that it is NOT who you Really Are. It has been used to hiding in plain sight as a ‘person’ that no one questions is ‘me’ … until they do. Once this deception is discovered it must become far more subtle than it has been for the eons it has openly proclaimed its authority as ‘you’ - an individual person.

One of its first maneuvers is to direct attention toward fixing the world and others. As a result, it is common to see spiritually oriented people joining causes to ‘change’ the world as well as organizations focused on teaching others how to be Free [by any name]. However, what is ‘not real’ cannot be fixed nor can anyone teach so called others [there are no others] how to be what they/YOU already Are.

From this a myriad of ways and means of very impressive systems to ‘figure out’ how the world/universe works … that are designed to lead humanity to freedom and re-create the world as the heaven it was meant to be [despite it being a dream], came into existence. This truly is ‘the blind leading the blind’. To the mind … this is outrageous, nevertheless, only the removal of what is NOT Real [conditioning] … brings about the revelation that you have never been in bondage and that the world/universe ‘is’ a dream.

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