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In the last 70 years more and more have discovered that ‘thought’ influences circumstances and manifests ideas … provided that passion and focused attention are present. Some call this: “Creating your own reality.” However, anything which comes and goes is NOT real … only a dream. Thought, therefore influences ‘how’ the dream plays out. The false self cares not … it simply wants what it wants.

A lessor known aspect of the Grand Dream [that the universe is], is that everything is ‘predestined’ based on thoughts projected from past lives [also part of the Grand Dream since past lives also come and go]. This means that the past-life-thought-intentions previously chosen to manifest are ‘already’ destined to occur in this lifetime. Whatever you believe you are ‘voluntarily choosing’ to manifest in this lifetime are in fact pre-determined. Eventually, every possible ‘outcome’ is experienced by the slumbering God-SELF and IT becomes satiated or ‘fed-up’ with the Grand Dream.

Without this mechanism the ONE SELF You Really Are would be forever ‘trapped’ in the Grand Dream.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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