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The false self [mind] has an endless list of questions about the nature and meaning of life. This keeps its attention constantly focused on the Grand Dream and this attention expands its curiosity as well as its confusion leading to more questions. There are countless organizations and groups that engage in endless discussions in this regard thereby ‘keeping the dream alive’ in their ranks as a solid reality for them.

‘Silence’, which ‘is’ the Real SELF, is therefore not an attractive option as the mind ‘exists’ as a result of this constant stream of thoughts. It is not until the false self arrives at the point where total frustration with ‘figuring out’ the dream that it ‘lets its control slip’ causing a ‘release of its iron grip’ allowing a little Light to penetrate to the Sleeping Beauty [the slumbering God-SELF] beneath.

Ultimately, after many disciplines and practices are explored Self Inquiry/Surrender is arrived at, which quickly [relatively speaking] brings the the sleeper Home to the full Awareness of the God IT ‘is’.

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