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Imagine manifesting anything you want without any special education, experience, contacts, related background, hard work or resources of any kind … you simply had an insatiable desire for something …and somehow it showed up. Most people would call that a miracle, but the nature of miracles is not yet understood as normal.

When you are Consciously Awareness of Truth, miracles ‘are’ normal, and you ‘Know’ that everything is possible. If Truth is your ‘primary focus’ you will experience miracles every day. It has been said that if you do not ‘want’ anything, you will be at peace. And yet, it is not the ‘wanting’ but the ‘attachment’ to that which is wanted that causes dis-peace. This was the meaning of the biblical saying:

“The ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil”,

‘Evil’, meaning the lack of Harmony, Balance, Freedom and Peace …

‘Love’, meaning ‘attachment’ and … ‘Money’, meaning that which you want and ‘are attached to’.

God/SELF/YOU created the universe, the planets and your body to play within and ‘know’ IT SELF through. IT/You does that by experiencing ‘All’ Life. The chaos arose as a result of becoming ‘attached’ to these experiences, which occurred when Consciousness fell below the Awareness that You Are God. When you simply allow what IS to ‘come and go as it will’, the imbalance will dissolve.

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