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‘Motivation’ focuses on so-called ‘personal growth’, while ‘Inspiration’ [in its true format] focuses on ‘inner Awareness’ [not growth].

The world most believe is reality, a part of the universe, which is often given god-like reverence … is an illusion. It is a projection on the screen of Consciousness – a stage on which the ‘play’ of life ‘seems’ to take place. On this stage the one called ‘me’ dances and struggles and the delusion of separation that brought it into existence supports the concept that this ‘false self’ is insignificant, limited, vulnerable and in ‘need’ of much assistance to ‘be’ ALL that it can be. This has become a huge and popular industry called Personal Growth or Self Development … development of an illusion only.

The Real YOU is the ONE SELF. This is not a ‘connection’ of individual parts but a ‘unicity’ appearing as many. There ‘is’ nothing but the ONE SELF. IT/YOU is Perfect and has always been so. IT cannot be improved having no ‘parts’ that are lesser or greater. Genuine ‘Inspiration’ does NOT ‘teach’ ways and means to ‘attain’ this state since it is ever-Present … it is NOT missing – only forgotten. “Inspiration’ POINTS to what IT [the ONE SELF YOU Are] is NOT … like clouds that hide the sun.

In this way it is an unveiling, a revealing and an un-learning process since “all (mind) knowledge is learned ignorance” – Ramana.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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