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“Where the two’s and the three’s are gathered together in MY name, there I AM in the midst.”

When two or more, who are allowing ‘Life to Live them’ … [focused on Truth (the SELF, I AM, God, Consciousness)] are gathered together in whatever way, the I AM Presence is conveyed as ONE symbiotic and seamless experience. Like a swarm of starlings swirling and shifting into infinite patterns and shapes, the ONE Presence we ‘all’ are expresses as a single unit. Even if seemingly divided by great distances in the Grand Dream of time and space, this unicity expresses as if ONE individual.

As more and more come into the realization of the ONE Consciousness they are and associate with others [in Truth there ‘are’ no others], their dance within the dream will flow in perfect concert and symmetry. Every apparent need will be anticipated instantly by this symbiosis and fulfilled as if by ONE. This is harmonic resonance ‘manifesting’ within the illusory projection of separation that has divided Consciousness for eons. This is the exquisite unbroken tapestry of Love in Action … only possible when the personal identity has dissolved.

#7 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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