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The false self [person] can become very adept at navigating the dream this world is while achieving what most of humanity calls ‘success. Influence, power, wealth, possessions, beauty, education, health, fame and the so called security these baubles seem to suggest, place the body-mind-identity on an invisible rung of a hierarchical ladder proclaiming they have conquered the world and are living a dream come true. Nevertheless, this is a house of cards that can be blown away in a moment … as instant social media communication attests to every day.

Fortunes crumble, health turns to illness, families fall apart, empires crash and high-flying lives dissolve in a wisp of smoke. What took a lifetime to achieve can literally disappear in a day.

Navigating the dream ‘in’ and ‘as’ the Peace You Are means being detached ‘from’ it. It does not mean living in austerity unless that is your destiny. None of the so-called achievements possible in the dream prevent the SELF You Are from living ‘as’ Truth. It is ‘attachment’ to whatever exists in your life that ‘binds’ you ‘to’ the illusion it all is … not the experience of it. Rich or poor matters not, it is your full Awareness of the SELF You Are that determines your Freedom, Peace and the consistent and effortless emanation of unconditioned Love.

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