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I AM OFTEN ASKED; “How do I maintain my spirituality [by any name] and still function in the world [grand dream]?

The first thing to consider is ‘who’ is it that is asking this question? The SELF … the God or Consciousness You Really Are, has no such concern. IT has no concerns at all. This leaves only the false-self-body-mind-identity that ‘claims’ it is spiritual and that it is concerned that it cannot remain so in the world of separation where chaos and conflict rule. This is the imposter you are ‘identifying with’, who constantly veils its unreal presence in fancy jargon and pious conduct. It has, for eons fooled you into believing you are ‘it’ with a litany of endless problems to sort out. YOU … the Real YOU … the ONE SELF, has no problems of any kind.

While the SELF you are occupies a body [which along with the world, is a projection], navigating this dream world with ease simply requires that you ‘shift’ your identification from this ‘ghost in spiritual clothing’ to the SELF. But HOW do you know you are ‘doing’ that? If you are ‘triggered’ by anything in the dream world [ANYTHING], know that it is an emanation of the false self. Observe it as if you are watching a movie on television in the calm safety of your home.

It is the ‘attachment’ and ‘identification’ with the drama/story that ties you to this ‘actor’. When you fear the loss of this or that or have expectations about what may happen if this or that occurs … then you ‘become’ the actor and soon believe you ‘are’ the actor. Simply shift from identifying with the shadows to the ‘Sun’ You Are and navigating the grand-dream-world becomes effortless.

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