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The concept of Near-Death-Experiences [NDEs] has ample proof to convince the most hardened sceptic that something exists on the so-called ‘other side’ … and indeed, this is true, and yet, it is also NOT true.

The death that receives the most attention is of the body and the concern is about whether of not the ‘person’ or identity survives in some way. The proof surrounding NDEs relates to this individual personal identity and has given many great comfort that indeed … ‘it’ does survive. Beyond that, many believe there are further lives through reincarnation. Within the Grand Dream of this world-universe ‘all’ of this is true … but still, only a dream … NOT ‘the’ Truth.

The world-universe and all within it including your body-mind-identity is a ‘fiction’ manifested out of the ‘conditioning’ veiling the SELF [God – Consciousness – I AM]. Similar to when one goes to sleep and dreams, a dream environment [with continuity like the ‘awake dream’ of the world] exists as another expression of the Grand Dream, once the body falls away.

Dreams within dreams within dreams … all illusions. And indeed, this entity most believe they are has many more ‘dream’ lives with ‘new’ dream bodies … until finally, the slumbering God-Self ‘puts away dreaming’ and dives within and beyond the conditioning that produced the dreams, to eventually discover the ‘ever-Present’ SELF - Who They Really Are.

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