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During the long deep sleep within the Grand Dream the false self has felt ‘incomplete’ [a result of its belief in separation] and seeks everywhere to become WHOLE.

Its search is ‘out there’ where Wholeness does NOT exist since the entire universe has manifested as a result of the illusion of time and space [a ‘from here to there’ form of separation]. The very concept of seeking ‘seems’ to validate this belief. It does not recognize that looking for something it ‘believes’ it does not now have … reinforces the belief that separation is true. In its moment to moment existence this belief then manifests in various forms of ‘neediness’ … co-dependency being one term very familiar to most people.

Neediness then extends like an octopus to countless expressions in the manifested world, which the false self hopes will make it feel Whole. Usually, this is an unconscious exercise that simmers beneath the surface until some dramatic experience brings it to light. The body-mind-identity [false self] then employs various forms of ‘therapies’ [also ‘out there’] to solve this issue but this simply gives more attention to the illusion of separation, thereby expanding it along with the suffering that always accompanies it. Ultimately, as with ‘all’ suffering, this eventually brings one to their knees where the ‘open-ness’ this produces turns attention ‘inward’ where Whole-ness has always resided.

As always, everything is orchestrated to bring you HOME no matter how many distractions the false self can invent to that inevitability.

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Katherine Paredez
Katherine Paredez
Aug 16, 2019

I am glad everything is orchestrated to bring me home!

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