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Even when the Awareness clearly surfaces that the world is an illusion, for some time there is a ‘neediness’ for the ‘elation’ of the dream experience … the feeling of ‘stimulation’ from the remaining [residual] conditioning that defines the false self … a slowly dissolving ‘addiction’ to remain ‘involved’ in the great play. The ‘pull’ of nothing-ness has not yet engulfed you.

Do not resist these tendencies but allow them to come up … they have only the momentum of passing waves, the result of your historical focus. Observe what is occurring and ask; “For whom does this arise”, then ask; “Who am I?” In this way there is no additional ‘Life Force’ given to the ‘echo’ of past longings and gradually, like the draining of a battery, they will fade and run down through the lack of your attention.

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