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The enduring belief that the body-mind-identity or person called ‘me’ is real has held the illusion in place that this false self can somehow ‘get better, grow, evolve and eventually ascend’ to something called Self Realization. However, this entity has no ‘real’ existence. The SELF does not change while the false self shifts and morphs from moment to moment based on it unique resume of ’conditioning’. The SELF always ‘is’ always and has never been ‘absent’.

IT has simply been ignored, veiled by attachments, expectations and identifications that occupy the full attention of most of humanity and as a result ‘seemed’ far away. Nothing could be further from the Truth. IT is ever-Present … as the persistent turn of your attention within will very quickly reveal.

“HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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