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Every twist and turn in Life is perfectly aligned with your Freedom … with the return of the Awareness of Who You Really Are.  Every event is serendipitous, synchronized exactly with the next and the next and the next moment. There are no accidents nor lucky or unlucky happenings. The tumblers fall precisely with the Divine Will, [which is the ‘only’ Real Will] … that you return to the Awareness of Being Home. 

The concept of a ‘free will’ exists only within the Grand Dream and can feel very real as does much of the illusion most call reality. All roads lead Home and are ‘without distance’ because you never left Home. “The door you have been knocking on has [always] been from the inside …”  as Rumi said. 

Only your ‘Awareness’ of Home has been masked by the seduction of the dream … not a mistake, but now fading quickly as the inner Passion for Freedom swells throughout humanity.

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