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There is a New World Rising from the ashes of eons of patriarchal dysfunction. Remember, both the old world and the New world are dreams within the ONE SELF YOU Really Are.

This New world [a Happy Dream] is ‘inevitable’ – nothing can stop it from unfolding as our solar system dream has now fully entered a 2000 year cycle of ‘relative balance’ between the opposites that define the illusion of separation. The myriad of imbalanced conditions related to food, clothing, shelter and financial security are about to become extinct [not ‘get better’ – but ‘gone altogether’]. Nevertheless, the mind still dominates and in your own personal unique world dream IF you are going to experience the Joy you would expect from such a dramatic SHIFT, the mind must become subservient to the Heart.

For this to occur the expansion of the ‘intuition’ over the so-called linear and logical mind is essential. This is the conduit through which the Divine Guidance of the ONE SELF YOU Really Are flows to ITs slumbering counterpart.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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