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The SELF [ONE, Consciousness, the Real YOU] has no agendas or plans as is the popular view by most - “God’s Plan”]. To have an ‘agenda’ suggests you are trying to manifest something different than what you are experiencing now … something you ‘do NOT’ have, or want to ‘alter’. It also validates a belief in time and space since this planned for manifestation will hopefully exist in the future.

Truth is NOW and only NOW. IT does not change ‘ever’. It is the false self that believes it is missing things and experiences and wants to change them to somehow ‘feel’ more fulfilled since it believes in separation which suggests ‘lack’. As a result, the vast majority of humanity believes in and anxiously works with ‘many’ agendas and plans on a moment to moment basis … so deep is their sleep.

When you identify with what is REAL [the SELF} you are allowing everything to occur in Perfect order … you are allowing Life [SELF] to Live your Life experience and IT [Who ‘is’ the Real YOU] knows precisely what is Perfect in each moment and spontaneously manifests it ‘in’ each Moment.

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