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The burning questions about ‘why’ life is the way it is have been addressed for thousands of years through the philosophy of so called ‘great minds’ and the answers are often filled with what sounds like ‘deep wisdom’ influencing millions. The world is awash with condensed quotes that have lined volumes of revered books holding places of great honor in universities, capital buildings, monuments and statues as well t-shirts and fortune cookies. Statements recognized across the planet such as “I think therefore I AM” and “No pain, no gain” … are challenged by few.

And yet, ‘anything’ that emanates from the mind is a fiction. The mind itself is just a ‘thought’ and from it, more ‘thoughts’ flow. Most consider it to be ‘who you are’ when combined with the body, but what is temporary is only an illusion. As a result, if you look for answers from the mind about the meaning of Life you will get only stories … some fantastic and dramatic, others sounding very convincing as well as those that are extraordinary and wild … but stories are never True in the grand world of dreams.

Truth requires an ‘inner inquiry’ and ‘silence’ without any ‘prompting’ by your historical memory. In that stillness ALL is Known and ‘will’ arise as you require it, NOT when your mind desires it. Most of what the mind desires is not necessary and is meant to fill the gaps between an incessant repertoire of repetitive and meaningless thoughts. Spaces between thoughts are not tolerated by the mind because to do so allows silent wisdom to seep through, bleeding Truth into a world filled with illusions.

There ‘are’ no answers ‘out there’ … Truth lies ‘only’ within.

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