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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Despite the false self’s consistently devious and clever ways to “seek and never find” Truth, there is no escape from finding the Freedom You Are. As Consciousness, you ‘chose’ every conceivable way to ‘do’ this. In reality, there ‘is’ no ‘finding’ and no ‘doing’ since its all happening in a dream, which is an illusion filled with non-existent activity. Consciousness, which is the Real You, ‘goes nowhere’ since there ‘is’ no place to go. ALL THAT IS, is ‘No-Thing’, but the mind makes the universe ‘seem’ real, due to the illusion of time and space emanating from the belief in separation. Without these concepts there would be no ‘dream’ universe.

It is your destiny as Consciousness to re-discover or become Aware of Who You Really Are and as you play every possible part within the grand dream it ‘seems’ like you are looking, seeking, trying, working at, getting better, improving, developing and qualifying for this great shift in Awareness. But what is really occurring is the ‘dropping of illusions’, which gradually reveals the Truth. How you, ‘as’ Consciousness ‘do’ this is myriad, none being so called ‘right or wrong’ … but you ‘can’ choose to experience it ‘easily’ by simply focusing your Attention ‘on’ Truth to the exclusion of all else and IT ‘will’ gently and effortlessly undress before your blissful gaze.

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