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It is common to hear things like: “The universe hears you”, or “The universe is sending you guidance or support”, however this is not what is occurring. YOU are the source ‘of’ the universe or universal dream and it is happening ‘in’ YOU. YOU ‘as’ Consciousness have stepped into the instrument called your body … as well as every other manifested thing within the Grand Dream in order to ‘taste’ and ‘savor’ YOUR SELF – its All YOU. Referring to the Universe as some sort of ‘god’ separates your Awareness from the ONE Consciousness You Are.

What seems to be ‘sent’ to you that feels like it is coming from the universe or some God-like energy is really the SELF radiating IT SELF ‘to’ IT SELF [in ITs slumbering aspect]. You may refer to the universe as ‘your guides’ or some ‘master’ or some ‘angel’ but always … ALWAYS, it is YOU as the fully Aware God You Are disguised in a way that resonates with your belief system at the moment. There ‘is’ only ONE.

To ‘really get this’ is to be a breath away from Freedom … the Freedom that You Are, because if you comprehend this at the level of the Heart [Truth] ‘all’ beliefs dissolve in that moment. It is your beliefs that keep you in bondage … beginning with the belief in separation.

ONE-ness Awareness as a ‘Knowing’ [not just a belief] … ‘is’ Freedom.

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