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The false-self-body-mind-identity believes to change something requires great effort, planning, strategies, agendas, practices and disciplines and will hesitate until as much as possible is organized before commencing anything that involves change. And, yet what it is doing, no matter how lofty, is rearranging ‘conditioned’ energy, which can never be aligned within the realm of separation that defines all manifestation.

Change … the only change that matters and ‘is’ possible, only ‘appears’ as change. What really occurs is a revelation of ‘What Really Is’.

Through the sincere Intention to ‘know’ yourself [know Who You Really Are] the curtains of sleep [lack of conscious awareness of Truth] begin to fall back. These curtains ‘are’ the programs [conditioning] that have veiled Reality and do not require any ‘doing’ on your part. LIFE, another name for Truth or the God-SELF responds to your Attention by revealing IT SELF. The false self responds by ‘withdrawing’.

The simple ‘Intention’ to Know Your SELF, held steadily in ‘Attention’ with genuine sincerity [a form of passion], handles all the heavy lifting.

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