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The God You Are does NOT require ‘your’ help. This ‘you’ is the one most believe they are … the personal identity called ‘me/I’. This made up identity believes it has an endless list of ways and means at its disposal either through personal experiences and memory or available to be easily accessed from the archives of history that it also believes can handle most anything. Consider this; if all the bodily functions that are seamlessly being orchestrated by an Unknown Presence in every moment [literally millions of things] … were handed over to this ‘me’ expertise, how long do you believe the body would survive?

The answer is it would cease functioning immediately.

This same Unknown Wisdom/Love/Power is Who You Really Are and when one Truly surrenders to IT, they are leaving their entire life experience in ITs fully capable hands. Of course for example, you would still drive your car, make your dinner and perhaps still go to a job but each moment would be guided by the infinite perfection of the Real SELF … flawlessly. This is what occurs when you are Truly Free.

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