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What captivates … draws your attention toward it. It does not matter if this attraction is pleasurable or uncomfortable … if it has your focus, that makes it ‘expand’, giving it Life. This is how your dream world constantly comes into being ‘as’ your reality. Without your attention … on anything, there ‘is’ no world – no dream. What then is left, what remains? Emptiness or Nothing-ness is the Natural state in which Truth resides … it ‘is’ Truth IT SELF … it ‘is’ the Truth You Are.

This nothing-ness is without identity and this is the greatest fear the false self has … being nothing. It is the dragon-at-the-door to Freedom [which is a door-less door]. Taming this dragon means ‘not’ fearing it and this fearlessness arises as a result of taking the Attention you are giving to the world dream you have projected into your experience and placing it on the door-less door marked Freedom.

You may call this door Truth or God or Love or ONE or I AM, there are many names which all mean the same thing. You then surrender ‘all’ your Attention to that door until your world dream dissolves … NOT the projection ‘of it’ in which you seem to reside, but your ‘obedience to it’.

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