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There ‘is’ no such thing as ‘chance, luck or coincidence’ … everything in the world-universe-dream is perfectly and precisely orchestrated for YOU … NOT the ‘you’, you call ‘me’. This ‘me’ delusion is the body-mind-identity that most believe constitutes who they are – a person, a human being. YOU are the ONE SELF and have forgotten this simple Truth. For most of humanity, they live a dream existence that is full of fear and a constantly simmering stew of anxieties based on the belief in separation, which projects a world of limitation and insecurity.

In turn this fosters the endless struggle to survive and care for this illusory ‘me’ through a myriad of ways and means and have-to’s where any semblance of peace is forever hidden.

In reality, every moment is predestined and within that perfect symphony, ‘orchestrated’ to bring the full Awareness of Who YOU Really Are back into your experience. Surrender to ‘What Is’ eliminates the suffering that is intertwined with this false existence and allows Life to Live Life. In that ‘open-ness’ the SHIFT from deep sleep into the Awareness of the ONE SELF becomes infinitely simpler.

THE GRAND DREAM-You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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