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When one is Free, there are ‘no rules’ of any kind that are followed. The state of Awareness that ‘knows’ IT is Pure Conscious Awareness manifests automatically ‘within’ the Grand Dream in so-called ‘conduct’ far beyond any made-up set of shifting societal rules - whether moral or legal.

It is not possible for the Free to ‘wound’ anything or anyone within the Grand Dream because they KNOW that they ‘are’ ALL THAT IS, and God does not shoot IT SELF in the foot. Love is Who IT ‘is’ and radiates naturally into every circumstance. Nevertheless, the conditioning that surrounds the slumbering God-SELF can fracture and erupt into all manner of chaos when in the Presence of one who is Free as the Light of Truth penetrates what has been hidden for eons. These breakdowns are break-throughs offering the sleeper unique opportunities to transform.

Peace takes many forms and can often be preceded by these kinds of ‘quakes’. Dive into these moments when they come no matter what may rise from the depths of your ancient conditioning … they are sacred gifts that can herald your own Freedom.

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