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No one is ‘off-track’ [so called] in their [conscious or unconscious] pursuit of the God they are. The obvious routes offered through a myriad of spiritual beliefs and practices may seem the ultimate methods everyone will choose when they are ready for Truth, but this is a form of arrogance that fails to comprehend the invisible guiding hand behind ‘every’ Life experience. Spontaneous enlightenment can be realized through Attention immersed in any subject where there is profound ‘respect’ for the enormity of LIFE ‘always’ Present. Nature is such a devotion as is mathematics, music, physics or cosmology to name a few. There is no limit to the conduits through which the mind can ‘dissolve’ into the Heart and no Conscious ‘intent’ is required for this to occur.

"Multiplicity is only apparent, in Truth, there 'is' only ONE mind." -Erwin Schrödinger, co-founder of Quantum Physics

Everything is ‘predestined’ when one is still shackled by the parameters of the grand dream. When one is SELF Aware these walls collapse. Everything ‘is’ unfolding perfectly and wherever you find yourself … trust that no matter how non-spiritual it may seem, you ‘are’ headed HOME. If a shift this way or that is required, you ‘will’ know in that moment. ALL … really ‘is’ in Perfect accord.

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