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You are NOT as you seem. The world you try to navigate through each day is NOT as it seems. Nothing ‘is’ as it seems on the surface. The false-self will immediately offer opinions about conspiracies, hidden agendas and elite forces controlling the world to support this. But this goes much deeper than theories ‘or’ facts about the real world hidden in plain sight. No matter how ‘close’ you may get to what seems to be ‘going on’, on the planet, it will always be about the the current story-drama-narrative in the world-dream most call reality.

Your body, your mind, your world and your experience in it are ALL a dream, totally believed in by most of humanity and that belief gives it its shape and design and life. There is absolutely nothing ‘real’ within it no matter how beautiful or disgusting it may seem. Every concept of Love, of Life, of Freedom, of Beauty pales beside one glimpse of Reality. To access Truth, the Truth that you ‘are’ - is simple … turn within. By turning your Attention inward and simply ‘opening up’ to the possibility of something vaster than anything the imagination [also a dream] can conjure … Light begins to shine and directs your Attention toward what ‘is’ Real.

This Opening up is actually the beginning of Real ‘Surrender’ to the Infinite. When the mind then tries to fill in the blanks [as it will], gently return inward to Open-ness … Life will do the heavy lifting and your Awareness [the Awareness that you ‘Are’] of Truth will begin to Expand effortlessly.

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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