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Not Knowing is the ‘normal’ state of BEING when one is fully conscious of Who They Really Are. It is an ‘un-conditioned’ state, meaning there are no attachments, expectations or identifications with anything. The mind’s influence has dissolved along with the endless stream of thoughts that generate disharmony and chaos based on the belief in separation.

In this state Life flows ‘freely’ untainted by anything that does not resonate with Harmony. IT has returned to the full Awareness of the God IT is and ‘refers to nothing’ that the world would call knowledge or acquired information. IT is totally Empty and Open and whatever is required in each moment is provided ‘in’ that moment without effort. This ‘is’ Normal but to the world this is completely abnormal, reckless and irresponsible. This is why when one dreams so much attention is given to the educational systems of the world, which is a never-ending endeavor even after the highest education is accomplished … and, it is completely ‘fear-based’.

In the education that is now emerging in the Great SHIFT children will be nurtured so that Not Knowing remains the norm. This means that spontaneous living will be a way of life rather than a periodic occurrence.

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