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There is nothing but ‘ME’ … not ‘me’ in the sense of an individual person [body-mind-identity] but the ONE SELF of whom there ‘is’ nothing else. Every ‘thing’ and every ‘circumstance’ from the microcosm of the smallest manifestation to the macrocosm of the universe is within this SELF. YOU ‘are’ this ONE SELF.

When words/thoughts are used such as ‘my’ this or that, such as ‘my’ higher self, ‘my’ soul, ‘my’ spirit, ‘my’ guides, ‘my’ truth … it is always speaking of an illusion since there ‘is’ no one that ‘has’ anything. A projection cannot possess another projection. It is your [the slumbering God-SELF’s ‘belief in’ and ‘attachment to’ the idea of ‘personhood’ …a personal self, that brings about this delusion, and it is the focus ‘on’ it that keeps the dream-prison it is alive since focused attention with belief brings about manifestation.

When you SHIFT your identification to the SELF or I AM [adding nothing to those words] IT becomes your experience and anything that has veiled that Truth will soon be exposed to dissolve [ideally through Self Inquiry].

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