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The false self [body-mind-identity … person] is constantly involved in the ‘illusion’ of creating its own reality, which includes attempts at ‘controlling circumstances’ and ‘fierce resistance’ to ‘What Is’ if it doesn’t align very closely with its ideal concept of a happy life. It believes the world is real and hopes something comes after this life but deeply fears what that might be. Its life experience is a constant roller coaster of happiness and sorrow with an underlying essence of dis-ease about what might be just around the corner. When there is a ‘spike’ in global or local circumstances that is threatening, this essence becomes a boiling mixture of fear and rage usually suppressed but often with spontaneous outbursts. This is the prison that ‘seems’ to bind the SELF that is veiled behind eons of conditioning.

The SELF however cannot be bound since it is Freedom IT SELF … but it can sink into ‘mind-thought’ and ‘believe’ that the paper-chains of conditioning that seem to bind it, can actually affect this Freedom.

The instant and powerful remedy is to ‘burn away’ these flimsy shackles with your ever-Present YES to What Is. This YES ‘is’ your Surrender to Truth, which Knows precisely how to deftly navigate your every moment through the miasma of illusions … that do Not really exist. It is simply ‘letting go’ of the fantasy that you, as a person have any real control of events. And yet … its the most terrifying thing there is within the dream-world you have called home. Ultimately however, everyone makes this ‘only real choice’ and from then on, the paper-tigers that have terrified you begin to fade.


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Apr 22, 2020

Hey John, I'm so happy to have found your page. It is refreshing to come across your perspective. I feel like I have been talking to myself for 2 years now about our oneness being everything. I call it the Game, a Life Simulation Matrix Hologram, running the Love~Nature program. We come into this dimension as avatars with amnesia totally lost in the belief that this is real, forgetting what we are (Divine Ether-Energy) and from whence we came. Our bodies are our vehicles for this reality. They are made of Gaia and return once the animating light leaves. We are not our body, our personality is endless, We are Everything and Nothing.

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