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There is much talk about paths, growing, evolving, getter better and getting closer to Truth, however each of these concepts fosters the belief in separation because they speak of time and space and place your Freedom ‘out-in-the-future’ where it does not exist. You are Free Now and have never NOT been Free … you are simply not Aware of it in an ‘unbroken’ experience. Certainly, everyone dedicated to Truth will have many vignettes where they will ‘lose themselves’ [the false-self-body-mind-identity] and experience the timelessness of Who they Really Are before it becomes totally consistent.

Anything that Awakens the Joy they Are can bring these moments about. They do not need to be dramatic or phenomenal … most are soft, subtle and almost unnoticeable. Many, many of these moments will waffle back and forth between the Truth and dreaming until ‘all’ you are Aware of is Reality.

Its like a zig-zag stitch in clothing that always ‘seems’ to be off-track and yet is always headed forward. And, it is far stronger than a straight-line stitch. While nothing is ‘really’ moving [happening] in the grand dream … it certainly ‘feels’ like it is and this illusionary movement makes it abundantly clear what is real and what is NOT real until finally you make the NO MATTER WHAT choice to accept ‘only’ Reality.

Simply be Aware that you are NOT … and have never been ‘off-track’.

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