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It is not possible to ‘offend’ God, another name for the ONE SELF - Who You Really Are.

To offend requires conditioning with which the offence can stick and irritate. Conditioning is comprised of:


-expectations and

-identifications, tied to

-memory [the past], and

-imagination [the future].

This is what defines and manifests the false self most call ‘me’. The SELF is devoid of any conditioning and, as a result it is not possible to offend IT/YOU. This is why it is NOT possible for the false self to experience genuine Peace since it is always being molested by circumstances that cause ‘friction’ to its conditioning. The solution, as always, is to dissolve the conditioning and reveal the SELF YOU Are. For this to occur, you must be totally finished with your unique dream-world that manifests ‘out-of’ your conditioning.

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