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The desolation of the false self is the ‘objective’ [so called] of ‘all’ spiritual practices. Without the imposter, what remains and has never left [since there is no ‘place’ for IT to go], is the Real YOU – the SELF, God, Consciousness, I AM. There is therefore nothing to ‘attain’, in the sense of working toward or qualifying for … through some illusion of good behaviour, which is at best an arbitrary concept that varies enormously across different cultures and centuries. You are quite simply Perfect Now and always, and in all ways, and have never NOT been so.

As you read that last sentence for most, immediately there will be a ‘trigger’ … soft or loud reminding them of the many ‘imperfect’ aspects of the you, they call ‘me’. If this applies to you it is a clear indication of where your focus is … on this masked marauder who has paraded itself as your personal identity throughout this and many lifetime experiences [all of them dreams]. There is no need to castigate yourself for this … the disguises it wore were very clever and you still have seven and a half billion other versions of the camouflaged SELF to ‘support’ your illusion.

When you are ready [another way of saying that you are fed up] to change your current ‘role’ for the Real YOU, anything that ‘narrows’ your Attention into a one-pointed focus, will isolate the false self, driving it ever deeper into the cauldron of fire in which it will be dissolved forever. The fire ‘is’ the SELF You Are.

“Who am I?” – Self Inquiry is the most direct and simplest route to accomplish this but whatever you are drawn to in the moment is for you. Simply follow it until you are guided otherwise. The objective is the same … the end of dreaming and a return to the Freedom You Are.

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