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There is only one Purpose that a so called ‘person’ has on this planet [in the Grand Dream] until it occurs, and that is the ‘full Awakening’ in ‘unbroken Awareness’ of the God [SELF] They Are.

All the many so called ‘unique’ purposes that many believe they have and the many more ‘hope’ to discover are simply aspects of the 'special identity’ that the slumbering God-SELF wears as a delusional garment hiding the Truth from IT SELF. Perhaps none of these ‘purposes’ is more pervasive than the many versions of being a ‘savior’. Once a little ‘awareness’ [whether real or imagined] has been acquired there is often an insatiable urge to share it ‘or foist it’ upon the world in an attempt to ‘save’ it ‘from’ its current state. Lifetimes are spent in these pursuits from every kind of pulpit conceivable … not merely religious or spiritual … it is the origin of “… the blind leading the blind …” adage.

Those who are genuinely Free [who Know and live ‘as’ Who They Really Are (the SELF)] ‘never’ preach, cajole, manipulate or try to persuade anyone to be so called ‘different or better’. At most, they will ‘point’ to who you are NOT, but prefer to remain Silent having no agenda whatsoever.

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