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Five [5] years ago today [March 21st] on the Spring/Fall Equinox … her 65th birthday, I was blessed to meet Solveig Larsen. Auspicious would be a massive understatement.

When Solveig was in her early twenties, she was crowned Miss International [a more esoteric Australian equivalent to Miss America]. She spent most of the next decade as a top international model on covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan. The so-called ‘high life’ was firmly in her grasp. This brief description is not to aggrandize her worldly achievements but to ‘point to’ one who saw through the world-dream and in her own unique way choose what I call ‘Freedom’ – NO MATTER WHAT.

That choice led her down the fiery pathless-path of Self Discovery [by any name] and ‘to’ that Freedom where she has dwelt for many years in the quiet solitude of a tiny Camelotian town called Bellingen, NSW, Australia, where she communes as ONE with Nature and extends the Love she ‘is’ – mostly in Silence, to a world that is only now beginning to awaken from eons of deep slumber.

She has shared her inspiring art, poetry and photography ‘in’ that quiet for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear … the ‘essence’ of the Truth she ‘knows’ and ‘IS’.

I have been blessed as her partner to share many of her extraordinary images ‘with’ the articles I published during those years and those images in turn have blessed many thousands around the world with that ‘Essence’ … the embodiment of Presence.

On the occasion of this her 70th birthday I invite those of you who have experienced this blessing and wish to extend a greeting to her to leave a comment below.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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