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ONE-ness ‘includes’ - nothing … there are no ‘parts’ or ‘divisions’ in ONE. Everything that appears and is yet to appear ‘is’ the same ONE - disguised but NOT somehow separate in any way. Never is this more difficult to grasp by the mind [false-self-identity] than when referring to God [by any name]. Sacred texts associated with virtually all belief systems, speak of ‘God’ as ONE and ever-Present [everywhere] … then go on to teach that this Divine entity is both ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ someone called ‘me’ that most believe they are. ‘That’ is separation, the root cause of the bondage humanity experiences as ‘normal.

There ‘is’ no Supreme Presence ‘outside’ you or inside you … there is NO individual ‘you’, only ONE ‘appearing’ as many. When the illusion of a separate personal identity is identified with, it becomes one’s dream-reality. However, when ONE is the central focus of ‘attention’ as WHO You Really Are, the world dream begins to ‘coalesce’ into the Awareness ‘of’ this ONE-ness and all concepts of division dissolve along with the conflict associated with the illusion of separation.

SELF DISCOVERY AND SELF INQUIRY: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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