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There is nothing but Consciousness, ONE Reality, the God SELF YOU Are that ‘all’ is within and is within all.

Behind the slurred speech of the drunkard, is Consciousness

Beneath the lowest form lies Consciousness

Under the disguises of the cruelest examples of humanity, Consciousness is

The great, the small, the beautiful, the disgusting … everything is animated by Consciousness, projected on ITs blank and Empty screen the object that IT alone inhabits as ONE

YOU are Consciousness, none other … no temporary individual person that comes and goes with the tide of times

You are this ONE, this Beautiful Awareness, this Exquisite Emptiness that becomes All That Is

You play, you laugh, you weep, you die only to return in another and another and another garment more spectacular than the last

There is no end to YOU, nor beginning only the illusion of time and space and separation deceive YOU for a brief moment before the dawn of Truth once again rises and YOU remember Your True face … the indescribable, unspeakable, unknowable and boundless Love YOU Are as Consciousness

-image by Solveig Larsen

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